AAA Woodwork was founded in October 2004, by the Alexandre Family. Starting out in a small 3,000 square foot warehouse in Northwest Houston, AAA quickly upgraded it's facility to 5,000 and then 10,000. In 2007 we purchased our current facility of 20,000 square feet being warehouse space with a total of 45,000 square feet. Mr. Albino Alexandre "Alex" moved to New York City in 1973 and began the fifteen year employment at New York City's Kullman Buildings Corporation. Barely speaking English in this foreign land, Alex took work as a carpenter. It didn't take long for the talent and experience to go unnoticed. In short order, Alex was made the Shop Foreman, responsible for over 50 workers. In 1988 the Alexandre's moved to Florida in search of better opportunities. The search was unsuccessful due to a recession and the lack of jobs. In 1990 the Alexandre's were forced to move again, this time though, they would find "Home" in Houston, Texas. Alex began his fourteen year employment for a local mill-work shop as a lead carpenter. Two years later, Alex was the new Shop Foreman, overall Production Manager, and successfully helped increase the mill-work shop’s gross profit. Subsequently, Mr. Alexandre has passed down his experience and work ethic to his two sons Nelson and Hamilton. Both have picked up valuable experience in all aspects of the industry such as project estimating, drafting, management, and installation. Alex dedicated himself to his values, pride, and job for decades, until the realization that he needed to have a legacy for his children. AAA Woodwork was born; Alex, Nelson, and Hamilton began their journey, and as AAA Woodwork methodically grows, it has brought on board experienced and talented personnel in all aspects of the company. AAA Woodwork has assumed Alex's persona; A persona of Old World Craftsmanship, Pride, Work Ethic, and Unmatched Excellence.


    • Project Design or Preliminary Cost Budgeting
    • Design Build
    • Experienced Drafting Personnel
    • Thorough Detailing
    • Experienced Craftsmen and Carpenters
    • Experienced Project Management Team
    • In-house installation crew
    • Access to large installation subcontractors
    • Architectural Woodwork Consulting
    • TQM Quality Control

Named "AAA Woodwork" for three very significant reasons:

    • Mr. Albino Almeida Alexandre, the true master craftsman, whose initials are AAA.
    • Each "A" represents one of the three Alexandre family members that established AAA Woodwork.
    • AAA grade - This is the best grade of veneer. This grade is as close to perfect as wood veneer can possibly be. This grade is for jobs that require unmatched excellence.